Prayer for those trapped by homosexuality

Please pray for homosexuals. They did not choose to have a same sex attraction, please pray for them to be cured of their disorder, if they want to be.


Please pray that they can find the strength and faith to overcome this affliction. Please, please pray for them, it is so sad for any individual to be trapped where they do not want to be and have no resolve.

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Deliverance from homosexuality
by: Anonymous

For those saying that homosexuality is not a sin. Nobody in their right mind would want theirs kids to be homosexuals even the homosexuals themselves wouldn't want their kids to be gays or lesbians. Now if one is a Christian you know very well that you are sinning against God. If anyone think otherwise please read the Bible as it's clear bout those practicing this lifestyle will end up in hell forever. Any homosexual out there first need to understand that " it's a SIN". There is no such thing as gay Christian. Secondly, read the bible, start with genesis where it clearly states that God created " Adam and Eve" and not "Adam and Steve". Repent and accept that you're a sinner and ask the Holy Spirit to help you. Homosexuals believe that they are " born this way". Hmmm so if God created homosexuals than how can he punish people practicing this lifestyle? So that means if a 50 year old(pedophile) is attracted to a 6 year old that would be considered normal as well? We are all sinners and we have have our own battles but to say sinning is normal then we all deserve hell since none of us are righteous. Those who wants to leave this demonic lifestyle I pray that The Lord Jesus Christ washes you from head to toe with his precious blood. May all those who are struggling this battle are convicted through the power of Holy Spirit at this very moment


by: Anonymous


Please pray me, I don't desire the attraction, but sometimes, I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle and it's frustrating.

imma give u tha truth
by: jennifer

Ever since tha fall of man we have been open and subject to any sin. Homosexuals are not born this way nor did God create us this way . we were born into sin and shapen in iniquity which means which ever sin we engage in it shapes and molds our mind heart and soul..thus making it a strong hold or strongman.there is freedom and deliverence thru CHRIST JESUS BY HIS BLOOD WE ARE FREE...go on you tube look up jackie hill and hit my life as a stud very powerfull testimony of true freedom. WHOEVER THE SON SETS FREE IS FREE INDEED....

In need of prayer
by: Anonymous

If you are reading this then please pray for me. I have struggled with homosexuality for the last 9 years of my life ever since i was 16. I have never had a homosexual relationship and neither do i want one. I do not believe this is or ever will be from God. I pray that i will stand free in and through the power and love of God! I pray for those like me that they too will be set free by the power of Jesus' blood! In Jesus mighty name, Amen!

Lord Jesus please deliver them
by: Anonymous

Father God I come to you in the name of Jesus and by the Power of the Holy Spirit asking that you would deliver my friends and family from the spirit of homosexuality this is a perversion that has swept across this nation and has made us blind to what is Your clear and true will. We love You and always want to be in the center of Your will but our desire to not step on toes or hurt feelings have left many in the dark for that I am sorry for I know all have sinned and fallen short of Your Glory but the difference is I come back to You and repent to make my relationship right again. Please send your deliverance to each and everyone of them and I will not forget to give Your name the praise honor and the glory for it all in Jesus name Amen

by: Idora Kissel

Homosexuality IS A CHOICE.....God did not make man to lie down with is stated in the Bible in 3 different passages. They may not know they are doing wrong but if they were Christians they would know. Homosexuality is NOT an inborn CONDITION it is a SEXUAL has nothing to do with the mind, heart or spirit of an individual. It refers to the SEXUAL orientation of a persons' selfish emotional/ physical need or immoral upbringing. I pray for sinners which they are and not for those "TRAPPED" as you say by something that does not exist in God's world.

by: Anonymous

I pray for people with ignorance in their hearts and minds. We should not judge people for who they are. You are an amazing and loving God that loves each of us no matter what. Homosexuality is NOT a disorder!

pray for me
by: Anonymous

I am a woman trapped by homosexuality. This is demonic being attracted to the same sex. being brought up in church i know that its not right, not because my mother taught me so but because i feel so convicted if i even have a conversation with a female and it gears towards sex. this is not a choice for you're so bound by demons and the ones that dont know god dont understand how this is so. please pray for me, i need it, i solicit the prayers of anybody who reads this. the homosexual community is bound by devils and they cant get away without the power of god.

God does not make mistakes
by: Anonymous

God made homosexuals and God does not make mistakes. There is a place for all. Homosexuality is not a disorder. By saying this you are saying the God makes mistakes. We are all children from God. Peace and love to all his creations.

by: Anonymous

Some things in this life are impossible for us to understand. Why and how homosexuality occurs I have no idea. But I believe we are not to judge one another but rather to love and bless each other. I know some absolutely wonderful homosexual people. I love them and extend friendship. Their souls are in God's hands.

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