Prayer for truth and justice

by Suki
(United Kingdom)

Heavenly Father God I come to you today to ask for strength and courage through one of the most mentally trapping and difficult times in my life. I live in a foreign country and I am being accused of something very bad that can destroy my whole career and livelihood I worked so hard for. I made mistakes lord but I'm not the title they are claiming me to be.


I need to go to court due to their accusations and I'm so scared. My thoughts consume me daily, I can't eat or think clearly and I'm terrified of the future. I ask you to please bestow your love, strength, guidance and truth throughout this court case for me to have any chance at winning. I need you Lord and I leave my future in your hands to solve.

Thank you for your ears and I pray in the name of Jesus Christ my lord and savior. Amen

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