Prayer for tuition assistance

by Natali

Dear St. Jude:


I am currently a student at LIU, and the program I am in does not accept financial aid. I applied for a private student loan, and I was declined b/c I'm unemployed.

My sister told me on Tues. she cannot co-sign for me. My tuition is $12,000. I don't want to drop out of school b/c I want a career. Please assist me w/tuition assistance. I don't want to withdraw from this program, I need it, in order to succeed.

Thank you.

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by: Anonymous

I pray that you will receive the financial assistance you need. I know what it's like to worry about tuition because I am a college student as well. God, please provide what is needed for this student so that the college education can be continued. Please watch over this student. You know what's best Lord and you never abandon your children. Thank you. And may God continually bless you.

by: Resa

I pray that you can meet your needs through support for your financial needs. Perhaps a new place of study would be best if financial assistance is needed. Pray for guidance.

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