Prayer for Wings for my dreams and heart to fly.

by AD Moore
(Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA)

For some time I have been pretty much homeless and unemployed with SSI as an income. I lost my house to foreclosure, lost my PCA job due to chronic migraines and joint pain, and staying with a friend...who throws out hints to me and my 2 daughters...constantly, about finding another place to stay (although it's only him and his son in a five bedroom house).


I'm not complaining, but if it were me who owned this house, I would tell them to stay for as long as they need to. I would just like to be in a place I can call 'my home' and get my 94 Jeep (it has a fuel line gas leak) fixed. I pray to The Divine Lord to please help me financially so that I can finally have enough money to get a house, fix my Jeep, and to worry no more about hearing those dreaded hints about finding another place to live.

I try and stay strong for my girls but those day to day hints have us walking on egg shells. I cook, clean, offer him money, and buy food. I just want to get out of his house and start living again. I pray everyday and sometimes up to 4 times a day for financial help for my girls an I. Am I doing something wrong?

How do I pray to Him? I put on a happy face everyday and tell myself I will get and deserve the financial stability I seek. I believe I will have it. The real question in my prayers is when?

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