Prayer in desperation for health and finaincal healing ..

by Helene
(Santa Fe NM)

St. Jude things seem to be becoming increasingly more difficult, after being very sick for two years doctors are yet unable to dx or to provide any medical treatment that's helps, I fear the bad attacks I get, and now all the numbness and paralysis and difficult breathing along with much sever pain please send me healing or a doctor that can know what is and has been going on with me. Please st Jude also intercede and obtain the health necessary for our financiers, we struggle for food gas, and are very behind on all ou rbills and mortgage. Please also interceded for my lawy suit and back injury that after four years the hospital and lwaywes where I was injured will stop delaying and settle and pay my claim and that I may be allowed to keep the settlement for all I have lost , and for all the pain heartache and suffering I have gone thorugh from this back injury alone .. Thank you Dear St. Jude. I feel so scared, and growing so tired, its hard being so sick and alos suffering so much financially, these attacks, this pain and sickness scres an worries me, and I have no way to know whay helps just guess, at it is some form of spinal chor injury and autonomic dysfunction.. Please dear sain take pity on us and obtain Gods mercy for us, I alos pray for my poor husband who can not find work, pay bills an dworries so much to hlep and care for me.. Its draining and takig so much from and out of himn to .. Thank you.


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