Prayer in the time of separation

I pray for my brother, his wife, & their children as they go through a period of marital separation. Where there is pain, I pray for healing & comfort. Where there is angst or fear, I pray for peace, comfort & assurance that all will be well. Where this is anger, I pray for patience & forgiveness. I pray that you would heal hearts & re-sew love where it may seem lost. I pray for peace & hope & faith & strength & ultimately, for healing & much brighter days ahead in the relatively near future. Please let my brother know how much he is loved & valued & please help him to know full well that he will get through this & that there are good days to come. I pray for my sister-in-law, that her heart would be softened, that her eyes would be opened, that she would find clarity & healing in her heart & mind & spirit. I pray for my niece & nephew that they know how incredibly loved they are; that they know all will be well; that they know that they have zero fault in their parents' marital issues & that they will be able to overcome this & grow into health, happy, successful young people & adults. All this I ask & pray through your son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen.

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