prayer of a Broken Heart

by a burning heart

Dear st.Jude,

nothing more to say my Lord. Lost is lost. now i have become a stranger to him. He didnt know me. he didnt even remember what happened between me and him. No he knows everything but he is purposefully behaving like this to me. yes Im a fool.

what should i do my Lord? what should i do.....even i dont have a life for me to show him that god is defeated.......all my hope come to an end here.......he is a hippocrat,most cruelest man in the world.....a devil with a goat's face........from now onwards there is no place for him in my heart Lord.....only 37 days left for his marriage.......but lord u have to ask him for all those he done to me....u have to show him the power of god........please give me a life Lord.....please......

Praise the lord

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