Prayer of a nursing student

Dear God,

I pray this with all my heart and all my being. Please help me tomorrow as I take my comprehensive Nursing exam. You have watched me as I have prepared for this exam to the best of my ability. This exam has been the major stressor in my life lately consume every waking and sleeping thoughts.

I ask that you please ease my mind and spirit tomorrow as I take this exam. I pray that you help me to remember everything I have learned and studied and to be able to use my best judgement and critical thinking to answer the questions correctly. I pray that you help me to have the strongest faith and to remember that you are my God who provides and loves me and who can do all things that I shall walk by faith and be not fearful for this rest in your hands and you will make my paths straight.

Help me to have the confidence I need to do well on this exam and to get through it. With you God, my Lord and Savior all things are possible. I love you and I praise you in your name amen.

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