Prayer of deliverance from demonic strongholds, incantations, evil spells

by lilian

Dear Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth,


I ask for your Divine Intervention to open up my boyfriends heart and mind to listen to your calling. He has been cast with incantations/evil spells by an evil woman who took him away from me. She used a spell to block his mind and to remove all memories of me. He now does not recognize or remember me. And I think she may have also cast evil spell on me to forget my boyfriend and to spot loving him. She is now in control of his life. She herself is a Christian woman but pray to the devil.

Lord Jesus Christ, in your name I ask you to remove all curses, spells, evil spirit and spirits a like and cast them back to where they came from. And forever banish the person that did this to my boyfriend from his life.

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