Prayer of Healing for my 12 y/o son in remission from Leukaemia

by Pete
(United Kingdom)

Dear Lord, hear my prayers for my 12 year old son who spent 5 months in hospital for chemotherapy which failed to work and we were told to take him home as they couldn't help him any further. Since having his double stem cell transplant and getting morphological remission and receiving your miracle.


I would like to give thanks but still live in fear as he is so ill and unable to keep any food in his stomach or the 80 tablets a day he has to take inside his tummy. Dear Lord, continue to remove his leukemia, restore his bone marrow to full and complete function as it were created and enable to return home and leave the hospital so we can become a family again. Dear Lord, please hear me.

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Jesus is the healer
by: Anonymous

I'm praying for your sons complete healing in Jesus name ,also for the peace of Christ for you and your family amen

A Prayer for Your Precious Son
by: Tee

We bind the spirits of depression and anger. Lord, you have promised to heal the broken-hearted and those broken in spirit; and we now rest assured in the comfort of Your Word for their healing.
We listen to the voice of the Word that says BY THE STRIPES OF JESUS, this boy is healed. He is set free from leukemia!! Spirit of leukemia, be gone!! And never return!! Fear be gone! Depression be gone!

Heavenly Father, walk through this boy's home and take away all their worries and illnesses. In Jesus name we pray.....AMEN

by: Sharon

I pray that your son is healed in the name of Jesus! <3 stay strong

I will pray for your son
by: EliaAnonymous

My heart goes out to you, my husband is also battling cancer. I believe with all my being that God is Good and that with sincere fiancé He will restore your son and my husband to their good health.I will pray for your son and you that God will place his Blessed Hand upon your family and grant you peace,love and healing.

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