Prayer of strength and guidance

by Kristen

Please pray for me through these troubling times I have had one disaster after another I feel have no strength left, please,help,me and pray my insurance comes though Help me become a better person who does no procrastinate I want to be a person who does not live in fear help me become a better Christian and find the true meaning of love. Help me surround myself who others that believe and releases the stress of my panic attacks and doubt that is hovering over my heart help me free my mind of worry and fill it with joy and purpose.

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An inspirational prayer indeed
by: Anonymous

Thank you for this prayer, its also my prayer today, 15 July 2013, for Lord to guide me my every step and to strengthen me as i go through the journey of life and to give me the gift of love as it is written in the bible, Love is the greatest commandment.As i am writing this comment right now i am playing Over and Over and song from Sipho Makhabane. Thank you for this revelation, Holy Ghost fire is operating right now in my life. I receive all the desires of my heart in spirit and help me Jesus to wait upon the Lord for his word to perform it. My prayers are being answered through opening this website. Prayers for my relatives,neighbours, foreigners, the destitutes, the blind, the damp, the afflicted,the mentally challenged and those who are suffering from different diseases, the restless,the poor in spirit and in flesh, friends who are here with me and those who are in the Diaspora, THE SERVANTS OF YOU( Pastors, and evangelists)and all the people who adore you and even sinners are being addressed right now, walls of Jericho are beseiged OOH LORD, (Nehemiah) Through Christ who strengthens me(Philipians 4.19) we can go far. Thank You to God be the glory.

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