Prayer of Thanksgiving for Blessings

St Jude I have held you as my patron saint for many years and have prayed to you in the past and you have helped me and my requests through you were granted


St Jude patron of things despaired of I ask that my mother be healed mentally and physically of all her sicknesses... I pray she is free from sadness depression anxiety and that she becomes happy content peaceful thankful grateful and easier to get along with...

I pray for employment and financial prosperity... I ask for my husband's credit to be restored, and that in no way will there be any conflicts between us in any matters... I ask that Stacey contact me very soon and not have reservations in any way about me or contacting me and that we clear up any misunderstandings between us, I ask that we continue our friendship with a new beginning, that we will become very close talk everyday text as well, spend quality time with each other, having a God centered good and positive relationship, being the very best of friends, relying on each other in all matters of life...

I have faith that as you did in the past you will answer my requests.

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