Prayer request for a job and financial situation to get better

by Patty
(San Diego, CA)

I am 54 years old. I had a job I loved and made good money. I was ran out by a boss who retaliated against me for going to HR about something I felt was unethical. HR was of no help and he was planning to try and fire me so I couldn't take it any longer and quit. I begged to stay, but I had not other option.


I have now been looking for a job in this awful recession about a year and a half now. I never get past the phone interview most of the time and I have a hard time trying to explain why I left the company. I pray that Jesus will help me find the right words to say and that someone compassionate will help me to find a job right for me. I also feel even though I look very young, that age is also a factor.

I am self-supporting and my unemployment benefits have just run out. I also had to take out my whole 401k to supplement the unemployment benefits. I'm down to $6,000 and cannot sleep at night worrying about what will happen if I don't find a job soon.

Please help pray for me that I get a job soon and that it's a good match and I get the respect I deserve. Thank you and God Bless.

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