Prayer request for God to enter my new boyfriend s heart to accept my 2 kids and his family to accepts my kids as well.

by Cynthia
(South Africa)

I m in love with a christian man and i v bn saving myself for marriage since 2011 when Jesus saved me and i made a vow to God to be pure til marriage. Now the man m with understand but i have nt told him i got 2 kids i am going to tell him and my prayer is that he l still accept me with my kids and his family as well to accept me and my 2 kids.


The guy has 1 kid. I ask God to intervene on my behalf but in all this, iw ant God s Will be done, if he ll accept me i l know he s the man God has been preparing for me. And if he wont accept then its still ok, i know he s not the man for. I ask God to make me strong to resist him, coz i l only have sex in marriage. I ask all the these in Jesus Name. AMEN

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