prayer request for my son and his wife

by Lila
(Albertville, Al)

Please pray for my son and his wife. I won't go into what happened in this marriage but can honestly say that it was both their faults. They have 2 beautiful children that will take a toll on their lives. My son knows he has done wrong but I dont' think my daughter in law sees that it takes 2 to make a marriage or break it. She sees that it is all of his fault.


As much as I love my son, he had a big part in it, but he told me that he asked God to forgive him. I know no matter what he has done that God can forgive him. I don't want to talk about either one of them God knows exactly what both of them have done. But He is merciful and I trust Him, please pray for this family. Make God bless you for you interceding for others.

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