Prayer to be Blessed with a Job

by Susan

Lord Jesus I feel lonely and weak. I need your blessings.

I am greatful for the gift of life, it is not an obvious thing to be where I am today, I acknowledge your power and it is by your will and grace that I am alive today.

I desperatly need a job. My life right now feel meaningless. I have no friends and it feels like the world has turned against me. I need a job so that I have something to look forward to, so that I can feel my life has a meaning. To earn a living to be able to pay rent and also help my family,they are in need and are looking upon me for help.

Dear Lord please hear my cry, I have been jobless in over 2years soon turning to 3years and everybody has abandoned me even my husband does not love me anymore - he has left me.

Holy Jesus you are my only hope.

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