Prayer to be chosen for Employment

by Paula
(MD, U.S.)

Dear Father, I pray this prayer to ask of you what I seek so vehemently. I pray to you mighty father for your mercy and grace. I anoint myself with your benediction and I thank you for all that you have done for me. Lord, I stand before you as a child who has searched for the blessing of employment but failed so miserably. Lord, I pray that you grant me the blessing of getting chosen for the position I do so desire. God, it is in your will that I seek you and ask for my wishes to be granted and today I pray to you father God to please open the minds of the recruiting management at Marriott Hotel in Arlington VA. I pray to you heavenly father to please bless me with this jobs because it is what I seek in order to work without interfering with my education. Lord,, I thank you for my many blessings and this gift of employment at the Marriott. Thank You father.

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