Prayer to be HIV Negative

(Hong Kong)

I had done a wrong thing that Jesus doesnt like. I know i did very wrong. I repented to God and asked for a second chance. I suspected that I may be contracted to HIV as I have developed some symptoms. At 16 days post exposure, I did a 4th gen test which came back negative. Its God who saved and healed me. I feel so grateful and thanks our loving, mighty God.

I know that 16 days is not accurate, but God has healed me.
However, I am still suffering from some symptoms which made me anxious.
I think the devils make use of the sickness to make me think I have HIV. But I know its not!! Honestly I do sometimes think I still have HIV becoz of the symptoms. But I gotta have faith. Only with faith and trust can God heal and save me.

Could you help pray for my sickness I am suffering now? I am so anxious..crying..

I pray that all sickness get away from me. I am HEALED. I will not have HIV for sure. And the test I will take two months later will also be NEGATIVE. Amen

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