Prayer to be loved in return

I honestly don't know how old or new this site is I just hope that this will be seen by one of my brothers or sisters in Christ and that I will be lifted up. I'm in love with a young man who doesn't feel the same. I've done all that I could I've prayed and written a letter to him so he will know how I'm feeling. Our situation is complicated because I made some undesirable and maybe even unforgivable mistakes. Please pray that I can have a relationship with this man. I love him not only for who he is but also how I know I can be when I'm with him. I haven't been in a relationship for awhile now and I realized it was because I had been waiting on a man who possessed every element that I wanted and needed. I was waiting on a man who compliments me in every aspect and I, him. I been wanted on a man who has the flaws and weakness that I need him to have. This man that I love is so rare and unique and I truly do value you him so please pray for me otherwise my heart will be broken and disappointed. I don't see myself being content with any other man on this earth.

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