Prayer to be Rescued from A Whole I am Stuck In

by Ashley W
(Scottdale ,GA)

Dear God I need your help I been following off track and I cant find no direction to leave on a right path way . You know I been struggle in my life but through out my life you help me with opportunity in show me you can make way for me an plus you know I was worth an chance to change my life around .Now I m stuck in this puzzle is defeat me with my ever move .


I know you show about the job situation but its didn't end like its pose to be but I m glad I had the moments you give me an bless for those experiences .But now I need in miracle cause my family split part an I m like what can I do . I don't have job help or money provide for my loves ones that depends on me .

Its hurt me I cant help cause you already know I m loving an caring plus a free hearted will do anything to help . So My Father Lord if you get this prayer for holiday I need an miracle from heaven above please send me help AMEN

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