Prayer to Bless My Business

by Ella
(Dallas TX)

God please bless my business and guide me where You need me to go, do and be.

Please help me to hear Your voice and make only the choices and decisions that You want me to make.

Your word says "ask and you will be heard by God". I am giving You my all, Dear God, as I can not go alone any longer without Your light to guide me and without Your path that You have chosen for me to take.

I am tired and weary, Dear God and You and only You can make the proper changes in my life to carry me on.

In Jesus, Holy and Precious name I ask of You, Dear God, Amen.

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Jun 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

Thankyou Lord for everything, you have brought me a mighty long way. I love you and I pray that you guide my footsteps in the direction you want me to go. I pray over me, my family and friends, I pray for protection from the evils of today. I pray for my business that you will expand my territory. I pray for my son, that you will protect him and let him know that he can call on you for anything. I pray from a forgiving spirit and I thankyou father for your forgiveness and your constant love.


Jun 06, 2014
bless your name
by: Anonymouskaren adams

Thank you lord for everything i also want to pray for my self son his father my mom sisters brothers nices nephews aunts uncles cousins and friends blessed be your name O Lord

Mar 24, 2014
A Prayer for my new Business
by: Anonymous

Oh Lord God my Heavenly Father who provide and watches over us I humble ask that you bless my new business with overflow of great and wonderful clients ,I thank you Lord for blessing me Amen!!

Mar 04, 2013
hills view guest house house
by: kesandra simon

i want you to pray for my business to make money to help others pray for people to come to the hills view guest house tobago so when i make money i can help chrildren to make their better life please help me so i can help other please pray for the hills view guest tobago

kesandra simon
thank you

Jan 14, 2012
thank you lord
by: Anonymous

I wrote to the Lord back in August. God is so good. Lord thank yo for everything. Please continue to bless us. Our relationship is so strong. Bless us Lord i LOVE YOU

Aug 22, 2011
by: Anonymous

please lord, bless my business as so many family members do not loose their money and credit. we will continue to work hard so that this will not happen. lord you have always been there for us. w know in our hearts that you placed us in this location. please lord here my calling out to you. bless us this coming week. my wife and i are so tired. we continue to pray and talk to you daily. our relationship with you will carry us thru. thank you in jesus name.

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