Prayer to break a curse in my family


My family have been leaving a life under a curse by our step mother who had a difference with my mother some years back.She said we will never prosper or get married for the rest of our life but we didnt take it seriously as we thought is just words of mouth.I had my 3sisters have been struggling with life as in no one as a stable job and also we all got married and with different reasons separated and divorced with our spouses apart from one and now as im writting this she is undergoing hard time with her mother in law but she is carrying on for fear of frustrating her childrens. We all have kids now at home and we had to leave them with our single mother to look for them as we look for jobs. Everytime a get a serious man we break just when we plan to get married. Im so confused now as im now 33yrs and still not married same case to my sis who are 28 and 30yrs. I gave my life to Christ and i believe He will break the curse in my family and our life will never be the same again.Please remember my family in prayers for Gods intervention.Amen

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Have Faith
by: Anonymous

Light a red candle for St. Michael and pray for him to destroy all the evil spirits around you. Also, read psalm 91 every night before bed and ask for God to protect you and your loved ones. Most importantly have faith, that's key.

God bless!

Family Curse
by: Victoria

I have the same situation.
But I do not know where the family
curse is from, but I know that it
is generational. None of my aunts
have ever been married, nor my
cousins .
I believe that our Amighty God will break
this curse. And give us husbands.
In the name of Jesus I plead.

my prayers too
by: Anonymous

This is exactly my story and was going to write the same words.we serve a mighty God who is capable of breaking all the curses in Jesus name.

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