Prayer to bring back my boyfriend and restoration of our relationship

by Mylene

Dear Lord God,

I come before you tonight with a humble heart to pray for my boyfriend. I pray that You please soften heal his heart and that he might find peace in you. Thank you for bringing him into my life when I needed someone to be with. You brought him into my life and I pray that this time whilst he asked for a space and decided to live alone to please bring him back to me. I love him so much and I need him in my life. I believe in Your mighty power and the power of prayer. I know that you will bring him back to me and be with me for good until the rest of our lives. Please Father God - reach him out with my prayer, touch his heart and mind - remind him how much he is madly in love with me. Lord, I want to be his wife and look after him. I want a happy home with him. May you please change his mind and make him decide to come back to me. I know that he still loves me and that we can have a happy life together. Whatever he is undergoing right now - I pray oh God that You please touch his life and may he feel the true love that I have for him. Grant him the forgiveness if in some ways I cause him pain. Forgive me Lord if I wasn't been a good testimony for him in my own way. I pray that you grant us to be together again so that I can show him that I changed for the better.

This I pray with faith and thanksgiving.

In Jesus name. Amen!

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