Prayer to bring back our strong family ties with love, peace & unity!

by Victoria
(Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)

Please pray for my two sisters who are leaving in one roof together with misunderstanding, pride & arguments always..Lord God please give them peace Oh Lord & bring back the love, concern, unity & understanding with each other that we shared since childhood...


may we appreciate the kindness & sacrifices done of our eldest sister by taking care of our sick mother before and taking care of our children since their childbirth until they became a fully persons and in return may she will consider all the good thing that we've done for her too & she will realize that she is our eldest sister who will support, protect & help us in any aspect of life as a whole for the good of all her siblings...

may the love & peace will raised rather than hatred & misunderstanding with each other Amen...Thank you Lord God for all the answered prayers.

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