Prayer to bring husband back

Father, in the name of Jesus, I need you now. Not a second or another minute, not an hour or another day. I'm reaching out to you this moment, seeking your face, asking for a miracle to save my marriage.

I have been praying and trusting you and I know that you hear me. I need you now Lord. Today Lord. Please work a miracle in my home. I am so disappointed about a lot of things. My husband is allowing the devil to use him and he has forgotten the vows he made to me before you Lord. I can't take the lies.

He is seeing another woman, among other things. He is blatantly disrespectful and emotionally detached from our marriage. JESUS! I need you now Lord, to bring him to his knees, trouble his spirit, place a burden on his heart to know that he is sinning against you.

Please place a hedge of thorns around him. Arrest him, convict him, correct him please Lord. I cannot wait another day. My heart aches. I know you hear me. I am waiting on you and you only. Please deliver me.

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praying for you
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing the exact situation. I have been praying nonstop and will include you in my prayers. The pain is unimaginable. Have faith God will answer our prayers.

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