Prayer to Bring My Best Friend Back

by CrystaL

Dear Heavenly Father...

Joe was my only true friend and now he decided to stop talking to me.i don't know the reason why but all I know is I'm hurting without him. I know everything you do is for a bigger picture but please god I'm begging you on my knees please bring him back into my life...

this pain I'm feeling is like a knife peeling me slowly and I feel more and more depressed as everyone is going away from me god ...give me the. Strength not to bug him until the day you decide to reunite us together...

give me the strength to believe you will bring him into my life and most importantly give me the strenght motto end my life.please God bring my only true friend back into my life...thank you dear god and please I'm begging you from the bottom of my brokeN now heart

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