Prayer to bring wife back

My wife has left after a short time of marriage from being confused. I pray that she hears God talking to her, telling her to do whats right, even if its not the answer i like.

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by: Phillp

Dear Lord Jesus,

I loss my wife to respiratory failure in 02/19/2015. Have have been married for 22 years. She conceived three beautiful children for me, now young adult, all three are a committed christian children. They are currently enrolled in 4 years college. My wife and I were blessed with many happy years together. We committed our life to serving the Lord in our Church and spent our resources raising three happy children and enjoy helping others. Planned to grow old together. We deferred our vacation time later after our retirement which she have five more year to work and I have six more years to go. In January 2015, my wife got sick briefly. I took her to the hospital where she intensively battle with the Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome. She fought the good fight but Good Lord decided it is time for her go home.
I am disappointed, broken heart, painful, guilty feeling, mad/anger, sorrow and sad, and emptiness. I am missing my wife greatly. Our hopes, dreams and plans are now will never come by. My three children are in a great distress of their life. The though them having to live without their mom for the rest of their life is unbearable. One of my child is being seen by a professional counseling at her school while the other two are holding up on their own. I am very close to them and open to listen to their concerns. I am pleased that they are open and tried their best to be honest to me about their feeling. They are willing to share their daily struggle and little successful of the day.
It has been 9 months since her departure and I am emotionally pains and drain. I have done everything that I think I possibly could to stay healthy. I've tried to eat right, exercise at the GYM regularly, meeting friends in social setting, and continue helping others at the church setting. I have substantially loss my weigh after the loss and again some of it back.
The emptiness and loneliness have driven me to take comfort in the love of Jesus Christ which is safe. But the strong needs of another human companionship propel me to approach the empathy heart women at work. I know she is trying her best to understand my struggles and pains. But I don't quiet know how to deal with all the emotion that constantly floods into my head; the grief of my wife and needs for comfort from this women at work is driving me nuts. It is like a double blade knife jab into core of my soul.
Please pray that good Lord will guide me to know how to make a right decision at the right time and that I will remain faithfulness to HIM in the difficulty time such as this.

Love is wiping away tears, even after you leave
by: Billy Merritt

Please understand that I know I have not always done right, that I have not always made the choices in my marriage that has been positive. Please God know that I'm broken and lost. My wife left 8 months ago.
God I know she's hurt please soften her heart. Let her know that I'm in a good man and never meant to cause so much harm. I know she has found someone new. I just hope that if he's giving by you he's as good as a man to her as I wanted to be with room to be better.
When it comes to Madeline please allow her heart to know I didn't leave her. Please tell her daddy loves her and that I think about her every night. And there's not a day that passes I don't remind myself how I gave away her first chAnce of a family.
If you don't give them back God please allow the man in her life be as good as a father as o dreamed to be for her with room to grow for him to be better.
Please God know that I'm a family man, and that I havnt showed it the entire time of being married. However I'm ready to spend my life serving them. And honoring my marriage. I'm forever sorry for my sins. Please God, HELP ME & HELP MY FAMILY!

Love is when you wipe away the tears even when you gone
by: The_OG_Bill

Dear lord,
I know that I havn't always been the man you have in mind for me to be. I know that I have fought with your and gone again E you strayed from you.
However I know I have done the same in my marriage, please know God that there's no-one I rather grow old with then my wife. Please help her see that I have gone through enough pain these past few months to resist change. Help bless her with Love and forgiveness and the understand that I'm not the same man I once was. I dedicate My life to protect and serve her.
When I took the vows with my wife they were just words. However as my love for marriage and the bond with her grew they now are more then words with meaning, it's become my understanding of a life I want to shaire with her. Please God when I talked to her she said "I'm a day late and a dollar short!" Please let that not be the truth.
Help my wife return to her husband (me) and if not please allow her new man be a better man for her then I ever could be with room for growth and a better man to her child then my dreams to be where.
~your broken hearted son William~

bring her back pleas
by: Godfrey

Dear God, Time and time a day i pray for her return, I really feel like one day it will happen lord please make it happen.We have two young children today was my smallest birthday and it hurt even more today not being able to be with them,So can you please dear lord touch her and give her the strenght to maybe come back in jesus name i pray AMEN

bring her back
by: godfrey

Dear god, I no anything is possible through you, so i have decided to put it in your hands I miss my wife so bad and i pray every day that she will have a change of heart and walk rite back in my door Me and my kids miss her so bad i just ask that in some way can you reach down and touch her and let her no were she belongs thank you jesus amen

My wife has left also
by: Anonymous

Please lord answer the prayers of these men. We are not perfect but our love for our wives is unbreakable. I have contributed to the failure of our marriage. I want to walk with you and show my wife that I have changed. I love my wife with all my heart and I want her back if that is your blessing. Amen

by: broken hearted

Iam also praying for you guys that you get your wifes back. Iam also going through the same issues so if you guys would remember me and my family in your prayers it would be highly appreciared thanks and amen

wife does not want to change
by: Anonymous

Lord please crack the hardness in her to change and be humble. please let her take and want be back please Lord Jesus. Let us live together as one family please. in Jesus name please. Amen

Oh Lord, please unite us as family
by: Raj

Almighty Lord Jesus,

I pray to you to forgive my sins and give me back my life, my wife Seema and my daughter Kyra, without them I am alone and miss them. My wife is angry with me Lord, she thinks I am not good for her and she does not want her life with me. Please Lord speak to her and let her know that I truly love her and am very committed to this marriage with her. It is painful to lose her and I want her back in my life as my wife who cares and will love me as much as I love her. Our daugher is too young to go through this turmoil. Lord, protect our family from evil prayers and evil eye and give me my family back for good. God! please bless me the love and return of my wife. I am again so so very sorry for upsetting her and please forgive me.


Make my family whole again oh Lord
by: Anonymous

Please pray for me my wife of 8 years has decide she wants a divorce its been 3 long months I pray she firgives me of whatever she thinks Ive done I miss her so much I pray you bring my wife and kids back toe oh Lord I dont know what to do without them in my life on a 24 hour a day basis I love and uphold this marriage to the end of my life Please Lord bring my family back together again


Need Prayer for my Family
by: Anonymous

Father Jesus, my wife decided to leave after my son hit her son during a dispute. She believes that I put my son first over her. I am suffering and hurt because I do love my wife. I am asking for a miracle and a blessing. My wife and I are both good people. I really want her and my stepson back home. Please pray for me and my family.

by: Anonymous

I want my baby back she left me the day after our 4 year anniversary and I miss her and can't do anything but sit here hurt please bring my wife back my me let me own her heart like I used to

Bring my wife back
by: Chris Winslow

I miss my wife so much and want her home. I love and forgive her for what she is doing. I have prayed everyday several time a day for reconciliation. Currently she is pursing separation to lead to a divorce. She says she is in love with another man. I pray to God that he speaks to her heart and brings her home to me.

wife back
by: David Richards Paula Hernandez

I won't my wife and kids back please help me out she with child and it not mine but marriage is for life I forgive her and love her unconditionally because God tells me to do so

Let her return
by: Anonymous

Dear god I'm deeply hurt I miss my wife ara dearly I pray everyday
For her return and I no that you won't let me down I pray for her to forgive me and return to my arms in your name and in prayer I pray to be with her and my son to death do us apart I pray that you give her your word to return to me I miss her dearly and I pray for her return I pray in your name my lord I pray in the of you son to make her forgive me and take me back I pray to you my lord to bless me and my family amen

Thank you Jesus
by: Anonymous

My wife left me since now 1 year and 4 months, ,I have a little daughter 3 yrs old, and she is adorable.. I have cried, I have been confused, I was a beast.. But through this I have renewed with JESUS and trust that everything will be ok

Bring my wife back to me
by: Joseph Girardin

My wife Joan left over 71 days ago with my 6 month
Old son name Joel claiming domestic violence but
It was not any domestic violence proven, however I believe
My wife Joan is being coerced and bribed over gifts at this agency
Called Rainbow services. I want my wife back home away from
Those people. I can't get through to her to get her to understand
I love her with all my heart because her advocate has
Her deeply confused. Please help me get my wife and son back.

Bring my wife back to me
by: Joseph Girardin

My wife Joan left over 71 days ago with my 6 month
Old son name Joel claiming domestic violence but
It was not any domestic violence proven, however I believe
My wife Joan is being coerced and bribed over gifts at this agency
Called Rainbow services. I want my wife back home away from
Those people. I can't get through to her to get her to understand
I love her with all my heart because her advocate has
Her deeply confused. Please help me get my wife and son back.

Mistakes or bad dicisions
by: Michael

Dear Heavenly Father, call them what you will, mistakes or bad decisions, I have made them. There was a scuffle, I'm bigger and stronger and ended up hurting her. She came at me, I tried to restrain her but in the process I lost control and did some really bad things. Worse than any physical hurt, I have terrified her by showing her the ugliest side of me. My heart is full of guilt and shame. I pray Father that you know my heart, and can help her understand that something like this will never happen again. I have learned many lessons involving my behavior, and am committed to change with your guidance. Please God, I love my wife and family and pray that if it is your will that you can soften her heart. I will continue to see a counselor to understand how I could make such bad decisions and to learn to cope with anger. Please speak to her heart, let her know I am truly sorry, and that our marrigae and family is worth saving. I will do whatever it takes for her to feel safe again. Humbly,

faith among any circumstances
by: Terrence cyphers

Lord I pray that if it is your will what is rightfully mine by vow returns to me. I know I brought sin into the relationship and see clearly that your will may be opposite to mine. While I wait for your true answer destroy my anticipations and destroy my distrust. In the end I know your will most definitely will perfectly align to the needs of my spirit and clense me for the heaven that you have created for man for your plans have already been set in stone and humans are flawed so I refuse to spend the rest of my life treading water for those who can't reach out there hand and teach me to walk on it. Your will only be done amen.

Bring my wife and son back with peace an health
by: Anonymous

O Lord! I pray you to help me and bless me and my family (wife and son). They have left me and I am feeling very lonely and helpless. Some misunderstanding between myself and my wife caused this separation. My wife parents are also supporting this and I feel very guilty for my 3.5 year son. Please lord give them a positive vibration and help me in bringing them back,

missing my love
by: Anonymous

please lord bring my wife back. I love her so much and she has been a rock in my life in my darkest moments. please lord grant me this to have our relationship back as lovers.

god please save my marriage and come back to my wife
by: Anonymous

my lord m gilt u what ever donr becousof me
god I pray for you to change the decision of my wife
god plz I want to my wife comr back to my life
give me ans god ........amen

i need my wife back
by: Raymond A. George

Oh Lord my God, the God of signs and wonders,the God of miracle please have mercy and bring my wife back to me, cause her to regain her feelings for me and love me again as her husband and love. She has stop our marital relationship because of another man and she is threathening to file for divorce while i still love her from the innermost part of my heart. I love her and i need her back in my life though i know that i'm not the best husband and father but God please have mercy and bring us back together again as husband and wife, if not for any other thing atleast for the sake of my child God please do it for me. I pray thee my God and my Father to answer my prayer and grant me my heart desire in Jesus mighty name Amen.

Lord I Beg of Thee
by: Bryan

Lord I beg that you hear my plea and see what is in my heart for my dearest wife Heather has left me for another man and I am lost without her. I know that I was not the best husband or father at times. I accept that I also have a part in my own marriage unraveling. But lord I beg of thee that you will grant me a second chance to try and save my marriage. I love her and I feel emotionally destroyed and lost without her. I beg of you lord that you will find some way to bring us back together and bring both of us closer to your own will and way. Lord if being together is part of your plan I pray that you will in some way move us to be better to one another and to again love one as we did when we were joined in holy matrimony in your presence. In your name I pray. Amen.

It's not over
by: Anonymous

Dearly heavenly father I pray to you... I pray that you help guide me through my troubled times... I pray for your forgiveness I pray for my wife.. I pray that she sees all my hardwork and all her hard work father I pray that her anger does not over shadow the good... father I pray that the time for her return is near father.. I pray that you give me the strength for forgive and to give the strength to move on together... father I prayed to you once before and she returned... I grew so much since then father I still have lots to learn but these things take time.. we are almost perfect. . I pray you give us the chance to reunite and complete our journey together... In your name I pray father amen

I cheated on my wife and im so sorry. I do love her and feel her pain please bring her back
by: thomas and tammie

Please bring my wife back to me

bring back my wife
by: f.j p

my wife left after several argues and fights with unforgiveness
i have all her family against me
i love my wife and need her to come back home to come back at my sight where God placed her
we share alot in all we do
my life is not the same cause apart of me are missing and it causes me to do all wrong things thinking of do wrong
my prayer is that all believers out there reading this comment please to pray in the spirit of our living God praying as much as you can and alow God to speak to your heart with words of wisdom please pray that god bring my family back together again and that there will be a heart of forgifeness dwelling amungst me and my wife so that we can be fruitfull in Gods work
thank and receive Gods blessing upon all of your lifes

Make me new to my wife and my wife to be new to me
by: Perez ups

Lord I first want to say thank you for everything you've done for me and thru me. Lord you now the mistake I did in the past, i wasn't faithful to my wife and wasn't putting my time with her and didnt treat her right but you came to show your light Lord and that I came to you Lord, but I was not practicing your words, I wasn't a spiritual leader, i wasnt a good example to her, instead I just thought that i was good because I accept Jesus Christ in my heart, now she wanted a divorce because she doesn't love me no more, I was to controlling, treat her like bad and cheated. As I was going thru this divorce i was even more miserable and sinning more but Lord you came and save me again and show me to remain the same as I came to you no matter what the situation is. I understand more and having faith more, help me to over come my doubt and for I not to lean on my understanding, to trust you that you will bring my wife back, and enter her heart and for I to receive forgiveness from her, but Lord prepare me to become a new husband to her and to prepare her to become a new wife for me. For me and her together as one serve you Lord to worship you Lord. I love her lord I do not want to treat her as an object, I want to treat her as my wife and giver her affection. But what important is for her to find you and have a relationship with you. I trust you Lord you are in control of everything, and yes Lord you can do the impossible. If this is your will. I pray to you for this Lord for I still love me wife and you knew my heart when I was with her that I wanted her to draw closer to you but I fail, now it is you who will draw closer to you Lord in the name of Jesus I thank you Lord and prepare me to be strong in my faith in whatever situation comes. I trust you Lord and continue to change my heart and mind. Amen

To my wife: Awake, oh sleeper!
by: Anonymous

Lord, thank you for the unending support you have blessed me with. Thank you Lord for revealing yourself to me and keeping me alive and out of the liquor bottles. You've seen my wife, Brittany, walk away from you Lord, and you saw her leave me. Thank you lord for keeping her safe, and for blessing me with her. Lord continue to show me how to love her the way Christ loves his church. I pray for her return an the reconciliation of our marriage. God you said you hate divorce. I come againsts the enemy in the name of Jesus Christ, and end his mission on my wife and our marriage. Please forgive my wife Lord. She does not know what she is doing. If another man is involved, Lord let him find salvation or else an ambush. Through my faith I declare my wife is healed, in the name of Adonai Jehovah Rapha. I've done all I can Lord, and now I step back and leave it in your hands. Please quicken this process Lord. Let the Holy Spirit that I know is in my wife be awakened. Thank you for healing my wife and bringing her home. I pray this in the name of The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

Bring Sahar Home
by: Shawn

My wife Sahar left our home about 2 weeks ago and said she wanted divorce. We are now separated. I am asking people reading this site to pray for me and Sahar, and to ask God to help me be united with her.

Thanks everyone and god bless You

i need my wife
by: Anonymous

My wife left me 5 months ago please lord Jesus bring her back to me permanent lay and immediately. I pray that negativity will leave her mind and positive thoughts will surround her about me. Open her heart to me and I repent for her sins and mine as well. Bless us that we will reconcile and our hearts, thoughts, and bodies will conform to each other til death do us part. Bless us everyday of our lives and our daughter as well. Bring my wife back so we can be a family again.

Amen Father God

Broken martiage

Please pray to for my wife's happy return to myself and my daughter, I took my marriage for granted and now am paying the ultimate price...

Please pray for my wife
by: Anonymous

Lord please I pray that you bring my wife back. I don't know what wrong i did to her but please let her forgive me of whatever i did and come back. You gave me my wife and you never take away what you have given us. Please Lord let her be touched by your Holy Spirit and forgive me.Thank you Lord for bringing her back home in the name of your son Jesus Christ

by: muema

Father, i ave for the last few months being asking u to bring ma wife back, i will not tire because ma faith tells me she will be back, what am asking is your guidance onces she is back, guidance to avoid breaking her heart again. Father i find it difficult and i will be patient and wait for her. in Jesus name i pray

oh Allah please bring my wife back
by: suhel

Allah you have several names but i learn your prayer your names from my wife,am uneducated but u are the world's best teacher please forgive my sins, and put rehm and love into my wife's heart for me,and give hidayat to her to come back to me, in my life each and every step Allah pak you help me please help me in this time also bring my wife and child back to me, put love for me in her heart aameen please pray for me

A Prayer For All
by: Anonymous

thank you lord for allowing me to wake up this morning. I pray Lord that these will be the last days being seperated from my wife. I know Lord you heard my prayers for my wife India and I.
I pray Lord that India and I relationship with you Lord will be stronger. I pray for kindness,loving, giving, and happiness with her Lord.
I know your WILL is beinG done.I pray that the decision you made along time ago before I was born includes my wife.

I pray for everyone else on this website who is praying to get back with their wives. I pray that they don't make the same mistakes again that got them into this in the 1st place.

I pleed the blood of Jesus


Lord find my wife and guide her home
by: Anonymous

Dear lord i am praying that my wife will have a change of heart please touch her heart with your healing hand. In cloud her mind as she is lost please allow her find what true happiness is. Lord find my wife and bring her back into my arms for she is lost. May you teach her what a marriage is about and this family. Lord may you please bless me with this miracle. Please fix this marriage at your will

Lord find my wife and guide her home
by: Anonymous

Dear lord i am praying that my wife will have a change of heart please touch her heart with your healing hand. In cloud her mind as she is lost please allow her find what true happiness is. Lord find my wife and bring her back into my arms for she is lost. May you teach her what a marriage is about and this family. Lord may you please bless me with this mirical.

Prayer to get my wife back
by: Mario Ortiz

Inspired by this site I convinced myself that I can ask for Lord our Savior to bring back the love of my life and the person most important in my whole wife. To me...she is an angel...but I have done her wrong. After she left I knew the real meaning of pain and life felt and is falling apart. So I ask for a heartfelt prayer as I will pray for everyone here too. Thank you.

Bring my wife back
by: Anonymous

I lost my wife. I take full responsibility. Please pray that my wife comes back to me. Thanks.

To get my wife back
by: Anonymous

I, too, was very bad to my wife. She left me, and I do not blame her. I am terribly sick with remorse and sadness and guilt. She is a sensitive, beautiful creature of God, and now it is too late. Drinking, pills and infidelity all because of my spiritual blindess. I would do anything to make it all up to her. I love her dearly. I am sick with sorrow. Please, Lord, forgive me, forgive me. I beg of you.

Pray to St..Jude
by: Anonymous

I pray for you that you wife will come back home. Pray for faith and hope and ask Jesus to forgive you for your sins. You will find this very helpful and I ask Jesus to take away all your worries and fears place all your trust in God. May God bless you

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