Prayer to Control Emotional Eating

Hi, I am 18 years old. I broke my leg two years ago and ever since I have been putting on more and more weight and have not been able to lose any weight. I workout almost everyday but developed a binge eating disorder and tend to to binge on everything when I am upset.


Whenever i feel sad or lonely I just feel the need to eat. I use to feel healthy and beautiful at 125 now im 146 and unable to lose anything. I feel hopeless. many people notice how much i have gained. i always get called fat by the ones that I love. I want to be back to being happy and feeling beautiful again.

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Nov 21, 2015
Food addiction NEW
by: Anonymous

It is so brave of you to reach out! I can relate--I had surgery after my freshman year of high school and put on a ton of weight, eventually reaching 241lbs. I then found a free, 12-step program for food addiction (www [dot] foodaddicts [dot] org) right before my senior year of high school. I have maintained 115lb weight loss for over 6 years and my obsession with food, my weight and my body have been lifted. I am so grateful! Feel free to check out the website for more information! I wish you all the best :)

Nov 14, 2015
Faith NEW
by: Tampa Florida

My prayers are with you
I am trying to lose 30 lbs
I play golf lift weights
I start out great in the morning with a good breakfast
And for most part lunch then stress comes over
And end of day is a disaster
I need to small meals during the day and go for a walk
At end of day
In the Bible the number 40 is mentioned often
So together you and I for the next 40days
Elminate three or two foods and go for walk
Etc we should be able to do this for 40 days
I ask Jesus to be with us the next 40 days

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