Prayer to Cope

Dear Lord, Thank you so much for all things. I know nothing, and only ask for the ability to cope with the challenges of this life in a way the honors you. I know that you love us & the things that happen to us in this life are lessons that we must face. I wish only for the ability to face them with love, strength, joy, & honor. That my life can be a lesson that gives you glory & praise.


I need the help to be able to meet my problems with the same faith & love that I have in my triumphs. I need your sprit to infuse me at all times so that I may be a beacon of your light & love to all those around me. Help me to handle all times with the grace, dignity & love you show us. I am so thankful to have your mercy & understanding, please help me to show that to others. I so much need your strength. I cannot face this world on my own, I am nothing without you. Please help me cope. Please help me cope.

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