Prayer to Find a Job and Provide for My Children

by A mother of 2

I try to tell myself that when I pray to you I don't want it to sound like all I am doing is wishes for my wants to be given to me. At this point in time I have a need. A need for a good job as a teacher when these positions are so hard to come by in my area.


I have sacrificed so much for my family and now that it is my time to return to work I feel as though it is virtually impossible to find a good job. Help me Lord in my search and I know you will lead me to a place where I belong. I put all of my faith and trust in you.

Also, please let my father know that I would love got him to be there with me each and every time I have an interview. I know that he will give me the strength I need. Thank you Lord. All of my love.

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