Prayer to find true love and soul-mate

Dear God,

Please help me to better myself and to find my true love. My heart aches for all the pain that I've been through lately. The one I loved did me wrong, and now its time to move on and find someone that is worthy of my love. That will love me unconditionally.

I pray he will love me, adore me, and cherish me. Help lead me in the path you have for me and guide me to my future partner. Then guide me through every stage of our relationship,so that, as we move ever closer to You, we grow closer to each other in Love, in Joy, and in Faith. In your name I pray.


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Finding True Love
by: MR

Dear Lord,
I am praying to you to find my True Love. I've been hurt by my ex husband too many times. I am ready for you to send my true love to me now. I want to continue a family with a male mate involved. I want him to Love me, cherish, adorable, respectful and everything a man should do to make a women happy. AMEN

Ready for love
by: PennyV

Please pray for me to find love. My ex works with me. He hurt me and has been disrespectful. Please let me find a real true love that will honor and respect me. Good healthy boundaries of love and respect along with a connection to erase all past heartaches.

Finding True Love and my Soul-mate to marriage now
by: MR

Dear God,
This is a new year 2014. I pray you bring me my true love and my soul-mate. I want to get married and live happily ever after. My kindness, loyalty, sense of humor and dedication will bring my true love very happy. Let us accomplish our goals, strengthen one another and live happy. Bring him into my life now. I am ready to meet my future Husband. AMEN

prayer to be strong
by: juno26

I will pray I by myself and those person who are longing for...let have faith come in our hearts that God is with us,yet we encountered such kind troubles but we need to be strong for us human being this is the milestones to seek peace in love........let be down to earth and be patience in everything we do that at the end triumph is always prevail.

pain for 3 years
by: broken heart

Dear God,

Thanks for being there for me when i feel so down and to the person who post this prayer..
I am 24 years of age and one of the million people who dont have papers abroad. I met this guy and ws thinking he is the one for me but i found out that he has a live in girlfriend for 12 years i am 3 years wth him and i dont know what to do i feel so helpless...
pls Lord God help me find a person that will love me and will not use he do to me...

true love and soul mate
by: jay

I will pray for you as i am praying that some day i will find the same. I will also pray that your heart is filled with love and hope so that you do not have to feel alone in despair, tho we are never alone with the lord with us, but i know sadly that the lord is only with us in spirit and we as human beings need to be loved in the physical world.

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