Prayer to Fix Our Strained Relationship

God I pray that you please mend me and my guy's strained relationship. I pray that you heal my heart and his, protect and guide us so that we may never fall into temptation. I pray that you bring him back to me and I pray that I'm his only one.


I pray that he realizes how much I've been here and that he is making a mistake. I pray that he loves and cares for me and that he wants to talk to me and hear from me. I pray that you bring us closer together, so close that it bothers him to not hear from me for even a day.

God I pray that you take all the other women out of the situation and that I can get his undivided attention to really focus on us. I pray that I'm always on his mind like he's on mine and that I'm always on his heart like he's on mine. I pray that you bring us back together and that this time were stronger and closer than ever.

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