Prayer to Fix this Broken Man

by Tim Beausoleil

Lord You know me better than anyone else, you know me better than myself. There was a time when my life was dim, nothing to hold on to as I fell from the limb. All the years of stuffing down the pain, a dark life with multiple names. The names were "selfish, angry and sad" this was what I believed so this was what I had.


I walked in turmoil without the regret, I coped with chemicals which I saw as my net. That safety net turned out to be a web, which sadly I sewed and started understanding as home. Over 17 years of feeding my pain, feeding on lies looking for my name. My pain was not kept inside for myself, it left a wake in it's path and it felt like living hell.

Father God, You always were undoubtedly there, holding my head above this watery despair. Although I didn't see it all of those times, as I look back now my gratitude shines. You NEVER left me and always pulled me up, always with Love and never giving up.

As I reflect on all of those years, it's because of Your Blood that I am still here. Jesus you took a broken down man, and didn't stop building with your Miracle Hands. I'm now a Husband to My Perfect wife, she was also Your way of saving my life. I look at my life and all of the love, Blessed with 2 children sent from above.

I was among the worst of the worst, but rather than judge me, You have quenched my thirst and continued to love me.. I still have times of sadness and tears, but Now I give to You the things I once feared. You are the love of my life, my protection and strength, my guidance and Light. I pray this prayer reaches a broken heart, I pray that they see You as their New start.

I pray that they feel the strength of your hands, and cry out "Abba, Fix this broke man!"

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