Prayer to Forgive Me and See Me Through

I lost my job because I was taking advantage of my position and taking money to help me get by. I am a single mother of four know without a job and the unknown is tearing me apart. Will I find another job, will my previous job press charges, how am I going to pay my bills so that I may take care of my family etc..


I know I was wrong and the reason I took it doesn't justify what I did. I'm praying that even though I broke one of His commandments that God knows my heart and that I've learned my lesson. I'm so sorry and I will work 5 jobs if I have to before I steal again.

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Jun 16, 2015
Forgiveness NEW
by: Ann

Taking responsibility for your actions and admitting what you did wrong is the first step in making a change. God recognizes that you are repentant and as we know, He forgives our sins. Trust in God's will for your life. Have faith that you are on the way to a new beginning. I am praying for you.

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