Prayer to get my children to be safe

by CAtherine

I really need your help! I really have been going through a tough time lately and it all started with RI and a paper that i really need to get a lot of people to get my children back. You see i really need help with People to pray for me to get the children back so that i can have my children in peace again.


I know it sounds crazy and how can it be possible but somehow the RI hospital has been causing me a lot of trouble so they have a religious ways of kids to take away because of the religious ways they have in RI. So not only do they take children away from people but they did a lot to me since the summer and now i just need a lot of people to help me fight for them with prayers.

I never knew before this that people could actually take children out of people before they were ever born. I know it sounds crazy but i really do need people to help me fight for it. PLease get me as many people as possible to fight for my children.

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