Prayer to Get My Dream Position

by Megan

Dear Heavenly Father,

I come to you humbled and beg of you to forgive me for my faults and hear my prayers. I am interviewing on Monday for a position at my favorite company. I pray that you give me the wisdom to answer the questions well and impress the supervisors. I pray that You grant me this job. If you cannot, please fill me with acceptance that it just wasn't Your will.

I pray if it is offered that I never take it for granted. I pray that I use the money wisely to support my family. I pray that this position restores my faith that You, indeed, have always been watching over me. I need this position to fulfill my debts, provide stable housing for my daughter, and to continue to educate myself. I know if I learn more I will do better.

In return, Lord, I will forever be mindful of this great favor, I will find the will-power to overcome my shortcomings, I will seek those who are virtuous and can teach me to forgive. I will seek a mentor to put me on the path of righteousness. Lord, I beg that you grant me this job, Please!


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