Prayer to get my money back

by Rita

St Jude please pray that the people who owe me money shall give my money back.

I have no other way to fight back for my money to be returned but to ask that you please intercede on my behalf.

Thank you St Jude.

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prayer to get my money back
by: Anonymous

Please help me with prayers I have more than 5 people who owes me. I have been patient and I think its now been a year without them promising. some of them don't even bother themselves in answering my calls when I am trying to call them. I have faith and hope that by God's miracles they will pay.

recovering my hard earned money
by: pradeep

Prayers to the almighty and merciful please help me recover 2 lakh rs given as a token and deal couldn't be fulfilled due to various challenges now the person is being very rude and avoiding I am worried and need prayers

Prayer to get back my money
by: Sreedevi Tampi

The corporation worker named Leela took 11.Lakhs &75 thousand rupees from me.she returned only l Lakh 90 thousand rupees.I should get back 9 Lakh 85thousand from her. Please pray for me st.jude.
Thanking you
sreedevi Tampi

Please pray for me
by: Anonymous

I have been very patient with the father of my daughter for what now is going to be 15 years. Over time I have been a struggling single mother and abled to him to maintain a relationship with her weather or not he paid his child support. Well now fast forward, he owes me exactly $56,036.20, and I need prayers that I will get my money back. I have done my part as a good servant to my child and now I really want to send up prayers for this request. I have been blessed so much and I will eternally be grateful, but this is all I have left is faith and prayers. Thank you so much in advance for all your help.

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