Prayer to get my true love back

by Kristina

Dear god, its been about 5 months since me and my ex boyfriend split up. I know he still loves and cares for me but weve lost contact for about 3 months i until recently where ive been seeing his family around, not by choice, just very randomly. I did go to his house yesterday to do his sisters hair, I wanted to say hi to him, and I did, when I saw him my whole face lit up, and so did his. He says hes happy with his life and has moved on, but I feel deep in my heart he hasnt and is scared to take me back but ive changed so much. Just please let him understand that and know that im,still trying.

I know hes my soulmate and true love. I pray you reunite us again, and know im sorry for what ive done. I know I dont want anybody else, and it only feels right when im with him.i believe in fate, and I was with him for four years, thers got to be a resason hes still appearing in my life.

I hope to meet again, and start fresh. Im truely sorry for what I done, and I.know to appreciate the little things in life.

Love is great to have, patience is needed for love, and time is what im waiting for. I believe, love and trust in. you my god.

thank you lord, amen.

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un derserving of another chance
by: Anonymous

Lord, I'm an awful person still looking for my footing in matters of heart. Father you have blessed me countless times with love. In my supreme igronrance I have been blind to my blessings. Lord father, how un deserving I am. I prey you re unite me and MC. I love her with all my heart and soul. She is my other half and I have forshaken your blessing father. I prey for forgiveness and mercy. Lord father, I prey for the reuniforcation of me and my love. Fellow pray warriors please prey for me. Thank you lord.

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