Prayer to get out of debt and sell our property

by Kathy
(Youngstown, OH)

Please pray that I can get my family out of financial debt. We bought a place that we cannot afford and I fear it will ruin our life. We need to sell it quickly and to at least get most of our money back. This is causing great stress in our family.


I pray that God keep me, my husband and daughter safe and healthy so we can work and do not have more medical bills. I pray that our place are kept safe and no additional costs occur to our places and cars. We cannot afford any more added debt. I pray that our finances will stretch so that we can pay our existing bills. I pray that God and Jesus give us what we need to survive until we sell our place and can get back to a place we can afford. I am so sorry for suggesting that we buy this place, now I suffer and I take full responsibility but I need to get us our of this financial mess.

I need a miracle and I am so sorry and embarrassed to even pray for this. I also pray for all those who are so much less fortunate than us. I also pray for so many people that need so much more than us. I thank God for our blessings now and forever.

I pray that God and Jesus will not let this ruin us forever. I am terrified for my family. Jesus knows what I need, I pray constantly. Please pray that we will be able to get out of this debt before it destroys my family. Thank you. God Bless you all and I hope your prayers are answered also.

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