Prayer to get out of debt and to have sufficient money to meet my financial obligations

by B

Please help me to pray to get out of debt. I accumulated a lot of debt during my marriage as we were supporting a large family and my husband was in and out of jobs. A good chunk of my money also went into paying for my late Dad's dialysis. 4 years after my Dad's passing on, I find myself in a worse situation.


I lost my job in January, my husband left me in February after his contract was terminated. I have had little support from him since. I've been doing freelance jobs but they can't sustain my debt rrpayments, rent, school fees and other household expenses, running my car, etc. I have received numerous threats by the bank that they'll refer me to the credit reference bureau.

I'm 3 months late on rent and I'm terrified of losing my house. I am looking for a well paying job or a larger client base to support my consultancy income.
Please pray that God will turn around my situation. I have faith he will.

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