Prayer to get through life troubles


Lord, i am a sinner and i ask for your complete forgiveness. I have lost myself and my way due to the tough challenges i am facing. God, i ask you to please give me the armor i need to face my battles so i can get back up and pull through. God, i ask for your strength and wisdom to create boundaries for myself and others. God, i ask for relief and comfort through my troubles. Amen!

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Jun 19, 2015
prayer to get through life trobles
by: Suvarna l ghuge

Thanks for jejus i am difficulty fight for my life my husband is bb lackmail with my future, hareshing me, very angry with me creating problems in my life very complicatted my life from 18 years please help child and my family also suffering with me same problem because that husband, my child having critical problem having kidney disease. I am living very very difficult life from 18 years, husband all family nhareshing hopefully me and my own family.we fight from so many years but that family no listen any thing only harseshing truthfully. that person marry with another girl again but why hareshing me i really don't know from 18 yers no seen me and my child at least one time.very bad person that one my hole life spoil.truthfully.

Apr 12, 2015
receive jesus as savior
by: Favor

God can't bless you unless you are one of his children.

Apr 04, 2015
by: Tampa fl

Good morning
My prayers are with you this Easter Weekend
Please go to church Sunday
And there after Jesus needs you!
If you can and able see the movie
On TV called Killing Jesus it is on
Fox news channel and national geographic
Not sure which has it this weekend

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