Prayer to GOD, to Guide Me Through Trouble and Re-Unite My Family.

Dear God,


Please guide me through the troubles in my life.
I feel totally disturbed by the Way My Family and I was treated by my in-laws.
They embarrassed us in public through the Shouting and chaos.

My Wife, who I love a lot, haven’t called me back, and also haven’t consoled me when I called her.
I believe, she loves me truly, and she too is in pain.
She is pregnant and I am worried about my kid in her womb. I pray to Thee God, please protect our kid, no harm might happen to our kid due to these troubles we pass through.
Please guide us in our suffering and give us the strength to pass through the trouble.
Please be our shield and protect us from the misfortunes in our lives.
Please reunite my wife with me and make our bonding & love strong for each other.

I pray to Thee God, through Jesus Christ. Amen.

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