Prayer to grant me this wish

by emu

O lord , please grant me this wish. It may sound rude, but i feel my husband needs to realize that his school- love who contacted him last year does not love him , was just playing with his emotions and he got carried away.

He caused disappointment in our relation and even our child had to suffer the dejection. He still emotionally tries to get linked to her , which is not good for our relation of 14 years together. Please lord this very moment , give him that strength and courage to cut away all contacts and emotions with this school-ladylove and get rid of all photographs he has of her in computer, mails, facebook etc.

Please God, give him courage and peace of mind at the same time and let him realize how much me and my child adores and loves him. Dear LORD, it seems very important for our relation to grow without any insecurities and restore our faith in the marriage which cannot happen without your blessing.

I have full faith , that my prayer will be answered, because i have no ill feeling toward her too. I pray that she too leads a happy , peaceful and satisfied life with her husband. Thank you Father. Your child . Amen

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by: Lisa

Through the Holy Spirit all is possible, Lord hear my prayers.

by: M

Dear Lord, I ask you to give Andrew and me back these almost 3 years we have lost, because something or someone always came between. I have a boyfriend, who i love as a friend and only want good for him but I know that i love as a man Andrew and I only want to be with him. I therefore ask you to bring Andrew and me together. I dont know what to do anymore. thank you. Amen.M

oh lord
by: vanessa

Oh please Lord help me and my brother get our houses very soon and help us to achieve happiness and success

Dear god
by: Anonymous

I ask that you change me, my reality, my life, and if possible my past so that I may live the life I want to live

Lord I ask
by: Anonymous

I ask you lord to alter my reality overnight, so that I breeze through life, without pain, anger and jealousy, without any form of negativity, and immunity to that negativity. So that I find the job I want, the friends I want, that I choose my own life and leave my parents if I have to, to live my own life. Lord if I have to leave my parents, I ask that you protect me in all forms of communication and life

please alter my past lord
by: Anonymous

Lord I ask desperately that you alter my past in the way that you think is best for me and in a way that makes me truly happy in the present and future

My wish
by: Anonymous

I wish I all the girls at school like me for ever

my wish
by: Anonymous

Dear GOD,
Thank u for everything all the blessings, and forgive me with all my sins please grant my wish that my crush will like me also please this is my only wish i am begging u my father thank u for always being there next to me i love u GOD:) <3

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