Prayer to Have A Good and Secure Job Offer

Almighty Jesus I came across this prayer at right time. I lost my job in June and I was introduced to a lady whom I met for a chat. She then took my cv to her husband who called for an interview. He has promised me to sign a job offer and still it has not happened as he is busy.


He changed our meeting date again, I pray that this job offer is mine as I have my heart set n it. Nothing is impossible with God. Iray for Faith and I know the Lord will open this door for me. In God I have trust and he will never leave me nor forsake me....I have to work to see to my daughter who going to varsity next year.

My finances are weak, I owe 3 months instalment for the car I'm in heavy debt the company I previously worked for I owe them money and they want to take my house and all my possessions within 60 days. I promised them that I go to work and pay installments until debt is over whether I work for the rest of my life to pay it over I will get this job offer in Jesus name Amen

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