Prayer to Have Healthier Skin

by Chris
(New Mexico )

I have been suffering from acne for 7 years. Everyday I wake up I thank the Lord for giving me another day and to give my family the strength and guidance to have a good successful day. Sometimes people ask me why i even pray since I clearly still have acne, but they don't know all the times God has been there for me... Days where I felt alone and afraid. I laugh sometimes wondering why I care so much about acne but whenever I go out with friends even family.. It reminds me how insecure it makes me. I've never been the type of guy to stay in his room all day, I love socializing I love exploring I just love learning things everyday. I ask whoever reads this pray for me, I just wanna put this behind me and move forward in life and spread positive energy and accomplish my dreams. I will always keep faith in the lord and never forget the lesson.

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