Prayer to have our own baby

Lord since in my first marriage i always pray that my wife will get pregnant but sad to say she died without having a baby, now in my second wife i'll still pray the same we are now in our 6 years but still no signed in getting pregnant. I ask the Lord Jesus to bless us with a baby only just for once and I offer my own life in exchange just to have a baby. please helps us pray to have baby. Thanks Bhong

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I pray God blesses you with a child
by: Anonymous

I pray God's will be done in your life with his perfect timing for you to be fruitful and multiply!
I know the desperation for this plea to the Lord can be a devistating living struggle, I pray God will make a way for you!
You are never alone! The Lord sees you and he hears every beautiful prayer! He knows the desires of your heart!
Never stop praying in Jesus Beautiful name!

I pray for you
by: Anonymous

God bless you and your family

Have Faith
by: Anonymous

I was a miracle baby. The doctors told my mother that she could not have a child, but god had other plans. Remember that our Lord works in his time. Have faith in him and he will reward you. Blessings of fertility to you and your wife.

by: Tampa Florida

Your wife needs you!
Jesus needs you!
He wants both of you together
Please go to church each Sunday
I have been married 35 years no children
I love doing things for children nephews nieces
Friends of children and volunteering
My wife is my soul mate We looked into adopting
A child no older than 10 yrs old when we were younger
But wife had cancer and things got postponed
But she is my best friend Jesus has blessed you
With your current wife but it is her who has been
Really blessed Jesus led her to you!

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