prayer to have the police out of my life

by Chris
(Somerset England)

Please I pray for forgiveness and ask you to remove the police out of my life. Let me go on in life and find peace with my girlfriend. Let our love for each other be at peace.


I ask you to put my past in the past and let us have a life together in peace. If this is not possible i pray you take my life and give me peace and rest. Please St Jude hear my prayer and bring my prayer to your friend and our savior Jesus Christ My lord.

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Thank you all for your prayers
by: Chris

Thank you all for your prayers. I also pray for you and anyone that needs Gods help You you all find your blessing in Jesus name.

Christ is always with you as are others from afar
by: A shoulder to lean on from a Mom

Chris, do not despair. You were named after Christ and I have faith your life will turn around. Please be patient and treasure life and remove any thoughts of having your life end. I actually went to this site to ask for prayers for my son Christopher who is having some health problems. About 30 years ago I prayed to St. Jude to receive a child and prayers were answered and I named her Christina. Later I had a son and I named him Christopher. Try to find a professional that could help you with counseling. You mention having your life end if things don't change. I worry that you have depression. Medication and counseling are very effective in such situations. Please forgive yourself for any past poor judgments. I send you hugs from the USA and will pray diligently for you and my Christopher.

for chris
by: H

Hi Chris, i hope your prayer will be answered,I will pray for you

Praying for Chris
by: Anonymous

I am praying for you Chris.

Thank you
by: Chris

Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you also

Thank you
by: Chris

Thank you for your kind prayers

by: Tampa Florida

I pray for you this morning
Your life is important to Jesus
To your girlfriend please go to church each
Sunday talk to the priests
It is not easy to have Faith
Remember Peter s denial
Take care
A friend in the USA

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