Prayer to heal blood pressure, hernia and glaucoma

by Sam
(Enugu Nigeria)

Lord Jesus, you are my Lord my Saviour and my Healer. I confess all my sins and I am very sorry that I have sinned. Please lord, heal me of the pains all over my body.

The doctors have diagnosed that I have blood pressure, hernia and glaucoma, but no disease is above your healing power. You are the one that healeth all diseases. Please have mercy on me and set me free from these torments of the enemy that have come by way of diseases.

I reject these diseases in the name of Jesus. Because you died on the cross for me and you have come to give me life in full (Jn. 10:10), please show mercy on me and grant me divine healing from these afflictions that your name may be glorified for ever. Let everyone that sees this prayer please pray for me that the Lord may hear my prayer.

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Feb 11, 2015
by: wole

Jeremiah 30:17. and I will restore healing unto u. by the power which is in the blood of Jesus u all are healed of any disease in Jesus name

Jan 03, 2015
by: Anonymous

My mum has been very sick with a hitnal hernia please keep her in your prayers x

Dec 16, 2014
by: john

i have glaucoma my right eye and startin the other one but i still have hope that one day our almighty lord will heel my eyes and set me set me free from all the pain that i have today..i never give up from forgetting my hope to GOD and i believe one day big big miracle will face me and im very happty of this..please lord i beg you to forgive all my sins and wrongdoings thank you JESUS that you are with me all the time and you give the bread of everyday

Jul 28, 2014
Diabetes and High Blood Pressure
by: Anonymous

Who can I turn to but you my Lord. I remember being healthy as a horse. Now, the diabetic curse has come upon my body for over 15 years and I have not stopped praying for the cure.


I personally have a problem. I don't see the doctor. I am terrorized because i have skipped the appointments and can not face that if i go, I will find out that something is terribly wrong with me. Please pray for this unfounded phobia to go away so that I can continue to live.

Thank you my brothers and sisters.

Jul 09, 2014
by: Glory

Pls pray wit me dat God should heal nd deliver me from glaucoma.thank u all

May 02, 2014
glaucoma treatment
by: Joseph

please pray for me, so i will go away this disease in my eye in the name of jesus christ,

Nov 28, 2013
Re: Prayer for Hernia
by: androsian

Hernia is a very troublesome and worrying condition. This prayer is an elegant expression of our desire to be healed from it through the grace of Jesus, Son of God.

May 12, 2013
Please Lord hear our Prayers to cure my site
by: Theresa

I have acute narow angle and open angle glacoma please hear my ple for prayers , so Our Lord Jesus Chreis may hear many voices asking him to heal my eyes so i do not have this ugly deasise any more. Thank you all for the gift of your faith and for any prayers you can offer for me in the Blessed nam of OurBeautiful Lord Jesus Christ .... And may Jesus Bless all of you weather or not you pray for me.....
Thank you .... Lovengly Theresa

Feb 10, 2012
Prayer for Sam
by: Anonymous

You are very much in my prayers. God is unconditional love and heals.Blessings.

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