Prayer to heal financial and love loss

by daniel

Dearest st jude,

I have gone through so much in my life. Moving 6 times in 5 years, the loss of my first love and my family going through bankruptcy. It has been especially difficult leaving my family for the first time in 20 yrs. I mostly ask you to heal my heart of the loss of my first love of which I haven't been with for a while, but I still think of everyday.

I know I made mistakes in our relationship but please let her know that I care about her. It has been difficult to talk to her but I want the best for her even if it is impossible to be with her. Let her forgive me and heal that uncomfortable painful gap that is in between us. I want her back in my life so badly but if it is better not to talk to her than I won't .

Help me to love again and to find the right person in my life. Help me get a job and so I can work through these difficult times.
Thank you for helping put these amazing people in my life and for being in my life!

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