Prayer to heal me from this pain

by natali
(colton ca)

I put this in your hands.. we where together for a year and a half.. and out of the blue he said he stopped loving me long time ago..and that he is talking too someone else..


i cant get over this ...god help me too heal from this pain..and get over this severe depression i been in for the past days since he broke it off... with me too be strong...she basically knows i mean common has oto know that he has a gf.... help that other thing he has with her end and help him come back with me...

i'm nothing without him.. he was my love.. my life..please god i beg you god.. with my heart and soul...make him realize.. she is just using him and i really cared..anything i did wrong i take back ...i just want the man i love with all my heart too come back..

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